3 Tips for Decorating Your Breakfast Bar

There’s nothing quite like rolling out of bed and strolling over to your breakfast bar for a bagel and a cup of coffee. A quick meal at your breakfast bar can get you in the perfect mindset for a satisfying and productive day. Personal style is just as important at your breakfast bar as it is in other areas of your Dallas apartment, so choose your decor accordingly.

3 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Breakfast Bar

  • Add a pop of color. Whether you use colorful placemats or keep a bouquet of flowers in a vase, you’ll love waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee at a bright and cheery breakfast bar. For an especially eye-catching burst of color, choose bar stools in stand-out shades such as yellow, pink or lime green.
  • Personalize the bar with photo displays. A simple photo of your family members can turn even the most dreary atmosphere into a true pleasure to behold. Your breakfast bar will be anything but dreary, but you can make it even more attractive by carefully choosing matching picture frames and using them to display your favorite photographs.
  • Choose creative bar stools. The chairs and stools you sit on at breakfast can say a lot about your personality. If you’re a creative soul with a funky streak, you’ll want to keep an eye out for stools with uniquely shaped backs or spiral legs. If you’re looking to establish more of a rustic feel in your home, you may prefer wooden saddle seats. There’s a bar stool available for every personality, so choose carefully to ensure that your seating reflects your quirky side.

At 3939 Rosemeade, we believe it is important to turn your house into a home. We encourage you to decorate every nook and cranny in your apartment in a way that reflects your personality. To learn more about our spacious and beautiful floor plans, get in touch today.