4 New Year’s Eve Party Games to Play

Champagne As 2016 winds down, it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Eve celebration. Parties held in Dallas apartments will be much more fun when you have some great games to break the ice and bring your guests closer together. The following games are sure to make your party a big hit.

1. Truth or Fiction?

Write celebrants’ names and a few comments about them that can be true or false. Give a copy of this list to guests and have them write “Truth” or “Fiction” next to each statement. Read the results aloud so you can see what people actually believe about one other!

2. Human Bingo

A great way to encourage partygoers to mingle with and get to know one another is to set up a game of Human Bingo. Instead of numbers, you’ll write down details about each person such as, spent a year abroad for high school, is an expert pastry chef or has a twin brother. As they discover the individuals fitting the characteristics, they have them sign the box on the card until a winner gets Bingo.

3. Pass the Hat

As people form a community while living in apartments in Dallas, they soon realize how much fun they can have getting together with neighbors. Have each person sit in a circle and give one a New Year’s hat. The object is to pass the hat from one head to the next with no hands allowed. The last person to drop the hat wins.

4. Champagne Race

Hand a champagne glass, teaspoon and bowl of champagne to each person as they sit at a table. The first person to fill up the glass by dipping into the bowl is the winner!

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