Go Green and Practice These 5 Recycling Tips on Earth Day

Reusable Shopping BagEarth Day, which is on April 22, can be a great day to begin a more green lifestyle or to revisit your green habits to make sure you are doing as much as you can. As Earth Day approaches, here are 5 recycling tips to help you get motivated.

1. Understand Your Local Program

Every area has its own rules that apply to recycling collection. While it is probably safe to assume soda cans and newspapers will be accepted, you may want to double check on printed paper products like gift wrap and glossy magazines.

2. Keep Collection Sites Around the Home

Make it easy to recycle in your Dallas apartment by keeping a paper bag near the front door to collect junk mail, another under the bathroom sink to collect empty toilet rolls, and a separate container in the kitchen for keeping trash separated.

3. A Bag of Bags

Reusable shopping bags are the best way to reduce waste, but sometimes they are not available (or you forgot them at home!). Keep a bag full of plastic bags, including bags from other household items like bread, dry cleaning, newspaper wraps, paper towels and fruit, and when it is full, bring it to the local Kroger, Walmart, or Target. Each of these retailers near our Dallas apartments offers plastic bag drop-off locations.

4. Don’t Forget Electronics

Upgrading and acquiring new technology is exciting, but your old devices need to be useful, too. While electronics cannot be placed into recycling bins in Dallas, the city does provide four convenient drop-off locations for old computers, TVs and other electronics.

5. Buy Recycled Products

Recycling programs are only successful when there is a strong market for recycled products. Buying recycled products helps to keep your local recycling program going strong.

Remember, every little bit helps so don’t get discouraged if it seems overwhelming. Start small by committing to recycle all of your paper or soda cans, and build from there. To learn more about our available floor plans in Dallas, contact 3939 Rosemade Apartments today!