How to Style Your Patio/Balcony for Summer

Potted PlantsHaving a patio or balcony provides you with a beautiful spot to start your morning with a cup of coffee, as well as a great place to unwind after a long day. If your patio or balcony could use a fun makeover this summer, keep these following style tips in mind!

Get Colorful

Your patio or balcony surfaces most likely don’t have much as far as color, but you can easily brighten things up by adding your own. Choose patio/balcony chairs that have colorful designs for summer, or consider refinishing and painting white or neutral chairs that you already have with a more vibrant hue. This dose of color will give your patio or balcony a fresh look that makes it an ideal spot to spend warm summer days.

Set Up a Garden

Maximize the space of your patio or balcony by sprucing it up with some greenery. Consider setting up your own herb garden, which you can do in creative ways. For example, you can arrange potted herbs on a hanging chalkboard. Having a garden gives you the perfect opportunity to add more green to your patio/balcony while also growing delicious fresh herbs for summer meals.

Decorate the Floor

You might not give much thought to the floor of your patio or balcony, but you can dress it up. Choose a mat or area rug with a vivid design to add more visual appeal to your patio/balcony.

Make a Serving Cart

If you’re handy at crafts, paint a cart in bright tones to turn it into the perfect summer serving cart. You can wheel it out for easy access to refreshments or use it to hold a book, your laptop or tablet while enjoying your new space!

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