Avoiding Toiletry Disasters on Planes

inside airplaneIf you travel on planes very often, you may have experienced your own toiletry disaster. Cleansers, moisturizers and other liquids can leak, spill and even explode in your luggage. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent the worst disasters, so you do not wind up with ruined clothing when you arrive.

4 Toiletry Tips for Airline Travel

1. Squeeze out the air. The air inside your toiletry bottles can expand when you travel up in elevation, leading to popped tops and spills. Try to squeeze out all the excess air in each bottle and quickly screw the cap back on to minimize the air inside.

2. Top with plastic wrap. In addition to squeezing out the air, you can also place plastic wrap – the same you use in the kitchen – on the tops of the bottles before you screw the top back on. The plastic wrap adds another layer of protection against spillage.

3. Remember carry-on rules. With the majority of airlines now charging for checking bags, more and more people are carrying their luggage on the plane. To avoid any trouble at the security checkpoint—like having to throw away your expensive products—make sure you meet the requirements of carry-on toiletries.

No bottle can contain more than 3.4 ounces of product, and all products must fit within a clear, quart-sized plastic bag.

You can purchase clear bottles and bags designed for carry-on use, which makes it easier to measure your products and keep them all in one place.

4. Consider bagging each product individually. It may seem like overkill, but the surest way to protect your things from spillage is to bag each product individually in a plastic zipper bag. Steps 1 and 2 limit the risk of spills, but if they do happen, a bag will make clean up easy and protect everything else in your bag.

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