Dozens of Donuts in Dallas


National Cream-Filled Donut Day is coming up on September 14, and residents of apartments in Dallas are in a great spot to make the most of it. With a plethora of delectable donut hotspots close at hand, you’ll be able to celebrate National Cream-Filled Donut Day in style. Here are the top 5 local donut spots for 3939 Rosemeade residents!

From Your Dallas Apartments to the Best Donuts: The Donut Hot Spots

  1. Lisa’s Donuts: Lisa’s Donuts offers amazing croissants, eclairs and sandwiches as well as donuts. Locals describe Lisa’s Donuts as having some of the lightest and most flavorful donuts anywhere. Try their classic glazed, jelly-filled, and custard-filled donuts for a delicious treat.
  2. Lee’s Donuts: Lee’s Donuts is well known around Dallas for their donuts, donut holes, and kolaches. The kolaches—Czech pastries filled with fruit, cheese or sausage—are especially popular here, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.
  3. Jaram’s Donuts: Jaram’s Donuts is known for having donuts that are both beautiful and delicious. The delicately sculpted donuts and pastries feature toppings and fillings as diverse as fruit, cream and bacon. They also feature a popular donut/croissant hybrid that Dallas locals love.
  4. Momo’s Donuts: Momo’s Donuts is well-known for their extravagant donut toppings. At Momo’s, the inside and the top of the donuts are equally full of delectable ingredients like oreo cookies, strawberries and Thin Mint girl scout style cookies.
  5. Hypnotic Donuts: Hypnotic Donuts often makes the best donut lists for their yeast- and cake-style donuts. They also serve up super-tall breakfast biscuits. For a dense and delicious donut, this may be the perfect spot!

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