Decorating With Cornucopias

fall accessoriesWhen the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, it’s time to think about decorating to bring in the seasonal atmosphere in Dallas apartments. One sure-fire way to make your apartment festive is a colorful cornucopia. Choose to buy one already pre-made or add your own touch as a handmade craft project!

Decorating with Cornucopias

A cornucopia, also known as a Horn of Plenty, is a symbol that denotes harvest and bounty and a  visually appealing decorative item used primarily at Thanksgiving. Placed in select areas such as a countertop in the kitchen, a windowsill, coffee table, hung in strategic locations, or as a centerpiece on the dining room table, a cornucopia adds a refreshing touch of the season along with the spirit of sharing.

Cornucopias are available in a variety of sizes and filler items at several locations such as stores catering to party decorations, arts and crafts stores, big box retail venues, hobby shops, even drug stores with seasonal inventory.

To make your own cornucopia is easy. While it takes only a few minutes and minimal supplies to make your own work of art, the end result will look like it was designed by a professional artisan.

All you need is a cornucopia in the size that best fits where it will be placed. Some come with a loop that allows the horn of plenty to be hung on the wall. You’ll also need a bag of dried moss or dried wheat shafts to use as a lining. For a little fragrance, place some pumpkin scented potpourri inside the cone.

Fill the base with fresh miniature pumpkins, dried corn and small gourds. Once the cornucopia is set in place, add a few chestnuts, walnuts or pecans for added flair. If you prefer, you can use artificial fruit and vegetables for a longer-lasting horn of plenty.

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