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4 Easy Vegan Ready Meals

Cooking delicious vegan food isn’t too difficult with time and practice. Some nights though, you just want to relax and not worry about it.

Unfortunately, eating a vegan diet can make it hard to order in or go out. Thankfully though, you now have a number of delicious vegan ready meals available.

Keep reading to see our favorites.

Pre-Made Vegan Ready Meals

Sometimes you don’t want to mess around with cooking. Hey, we get it, life can wear you out. It’s nice to come home, heat something up, and have a delicious meal.

In the past, it was difficult to do and still maintain a healthy diet. The freezer section didn’t offer too many vegan options. Nowadays though, many companies provide delicious, nutritionally balanced vegan fare.

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen was started in 1987 with the goal of creating delicious ready-made meals that were organic, vegetarian, and tasted good. They offer more than 250 different choices including dozens of vegan options.

Amy’s has just about any style of food you could desire: Southwestern soups, burritos, rice dishes, Thai, Indian, and South Asian curries and soups, and a whole line of savory meatless meats.

Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen provides a variety of delectable vegan ready meals and high-quality ingredients for Thai cooking. Their noodle bowls cook in a flash and are easily modified based on your taste.

They come in several appetizing flavors including:

  • Lemongrass and Chili
  • Mushroom
  • Thai Ginger
  • Hot and Sour


Kashi is well known in the natural foods world. They focus on creating delicious, healthy products for a wide array of dietary preferences. Kashi produces full lines of cereals, breakfast meat substitutes, and delicious frozen and freeze-dried meals.

Kashi’s vegan offerings are massive. They have vegan pizza, cereal, breakfast shakes, bars, and delicious frozen meals.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Rice Pilaf
  • Original Vegan Waffles
  • Overnight Meusli

Trader Joes

Trader Joes is an excellent source of vegan meals, ingredients, and sauces. They’ve been around since 1967 and have always provided a wide range of enjoyable food.

Trader Joes’ vegan offerings don’t disappoint either. They have their own brands of frozen food, prepared meals, salads, soups, and delicious ready-to-cook meal kits. Trader Joes is an excellent place to find delicious vegan ready meals.

They include a diverse array of cuisine styles like Indian, Thai, and Southwestern.

Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth is a relative newcomer to the market, founded in 2012, with the goal of producing great food using plant-based proteins. Their main focus was on reducing the ecological footprint of food production activities.

They’ve since expanded from frozen burritos to a full line of easy to prepare vegan and vegetarian foods. Their line includes Indian and Thai curry, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dishes and some original recipes too.

Sweet Earth wants to prove that eating healthy, meat-free foods doesn’t have to be bland.

Planning Your Pantry

Now you know some of the delicious vegan meal options available, perfect for those nights you don’t want to cook. The trick now is finding the perfect place to spend those lazy evenings.

If you’re in Dallas and looking for a hip apartment, give us a call or email. We’d love to hear from you!

Think About A Healthy Eating Regimen

healthy vegetables

What we eat and the way we structure our meals can have a significant impact on health and wellness.  Here are some healthy eating ideas for our 3939 Rosemeade community members in  Dallas, Texas, to consider.

Understanding Healthy Eating

There are a tremendous amount of “fad diets” plastered across check-line magazines and websites. They almost all make the promise of a healthier, slimmer you. But healthy eating isn’t really about not eating carbs, gluten or going fat-free. Healthy eating should encompass a wide range of fruits, vegetables, protein sources and other things that make sense for your body. One of the fundamental ideas to keep in mind is that vitamins, minerals and other nutritional items are all needed to rebuild and restore the body’s systems. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

How Much Protein Should You Take In?

Protein is a building block. It helps repair muscles and organs. The average adult requires approximately .36 grams of protein each day for every pound of bodyweight. The more rigorous the exercise that you routinely undertake, the greater your need for grams of protein. If you work out hard with weights for instance, that number could be more in the range of .76 to 1.0 grams. Runners and other endurance athletes may fall into a .54 to .63 grams per pound range. Consult with a nutritionist, but remember that protein is vital.

Does A Salad A Day Keep The Doctor Away?

Maybe not, but fruits, vegetables and nuts are primary sources of vitamins and minerals. Besides being delicious, salads can be strategically integrated into your daily eating regimen to improve fitness. Because many salads come with less calories than meats, pastas, sauces, or stove-cooked foods, enjoying a diverse salad before diving into the main course will likely lower your daily calorie intake. Your stomach can only hold so much at a sitting and veggies are low-cal fillers.

Are Smaller, More Frequent Meals Healthier?

Smaller portions, of course, can help you stay within a healthy calorie range. However, that also means eating reasonably low-calorie meals. Lean proteins, fruits and veggies are where it’s at in terms of nutrition. By changing the three big meals each day into four smaller ones spread out over the same period, you are likely to gain nutritional and energy benefits. It’s important to consult with your doctor and a nutrition specialist before making significant dietary decisions.

We hope these eating regimen suggestions help our 3939 Rosemeade community members rethink your nutrition. If you or a friend would like more information about our Dallas apartments, call us today.

4 New Year’s Eve Party DIYs

new year'sWho’s ready for New Year’s Eve? Is it too early to start planning your celebration to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018? Of course not! In fact, this is the perfect time of year to get your DIY on and come up with a party theme that your friends and family will remember for years to come. Plus, with a few simple homemade decorations, you can create a fabulous space in your apartment without breaking the bank.

4 Awesome New Year’s Eve Party DIYs

1. Gold-Fringe Wrapped Numbers

Want to create a perfect backdrop for all of your social media posts on the big night? With just a few simple crafting tools and a bit of creativity, you can easily set up a glitzy scene that is sure to draw your guests in for a snap or two. All you’ll need is cardboard, tinsel, scissors and glue to create larger-than-life numbers!

2. Tinsel and Confetti Balloons

Make sure your apartment looks fabulous with a few clusters of tinsel and confetti balloons staged around the party space. Choose from classic colors like silver and gold or go wild with holographic colors for a brighter pop!

3. Fringe Drink Toppers

Whether you’re splurging on good champagne or you’re more of a classic cocktail fan, these cute and easy-to-make little drink toppers are sure to be a hit with your guests. We love them because they are simple, fast and fun!

4. Confetti Fortune Pockets

This end-of-the-year celebration is the perfect excuse to give your guests the gift of positive thinking. As they plan their New Year’s resolutions, offer them a bit of inspiration with these fun party favors.

Enjoy a Safe and Happy New Year’s Eve

Make sure you and your guests enjoy a fabulous NYE celebration with these fun party tips. Visit us online for more information about life at our comfortable apartments in Dallas and schedule a tour today!

Decorating With Cornucopias

fall accessoriesWhen the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, it’s time to think about decorating to bring in the seasonal atmosphere in Dallas apartments. One sure-fire way to make your apartment festive is a colorful cornucopia. Choose to buy one already pre-made or add your own touch as a handmade craft project!

Decorating with Cornucopias

A cornucopia, also known as a Horn of Plenty, is a symbol that denotes harvest and bounty and a  visually appealing decorative item used primarily at Thanksgiving. Placed in select areas such as a countertop in the kitchen, a windowsill, coffee table, hung in strategic locations, or as a centerpiece on the dining room table, a cornucopia adds a refreshing touch of the season along with the spirit of sharing.

Cornucopias are available in a variety of sizes and filler items at several locations such as stores catering to party decorations, arts and crafts stores, big box retail venues, hobby shops, even drug stores with seasonal inventory.

To make your own cornucopia is easy. While it takes only a few minutes and minimal supplies to make your own work of art, the end result will look like it was designed by a professional artisan.

All you need is a cornucopia in the size that best fits where it will be placed. Some come with a loop that allows the horn of plenty to be hung on the wall. You’ll also need a bag of dried moss or dried wheat shafts to use as a lining. For a little fragrance, place some pumpkin scented potpourri inside the cone.

Fill the base with fresh miniature pumpkins, dried corn and small gourds. Once the cornucopia is set in place, add a few chestnuts, walnuts or pecans for added flair. If you prefer, you can use artificial fruit and vegetables for a longer-lasting horn of plenty.

To schedule an appointment to visit our Dallas, Texas apartment community contact us by phone or use the convenient online form.

3 Fall Festivals to Attend Near Your Dallas Apartments

sitting on hayWith temperatures dropping and the sun still shining, the fall season is the perfect time of the year for attending festivals. You can take advantage of these perfect conditions by stepping out of your apartments in Dallas to visit the scheduled festivals just a moderate drive from your area. At the festivals, you can forge relationships with your nearby community members, have a lot of fun and simply enjoy the excellent weather conditions!

Celina ParkFest

Kick off the season with the Celina ParkFest, which is held on the 14th of October at Old Celina Park. The festival will give you an opportunity to pet farm animals, take balloon rides and watch live entertainment acts on stage. You will have the opportunity to buy wares from your favorite local vendors while strolling across the festival grounds.

PumpkinFest Near Your Apartments in Dallas

On October 21, attend the PumpkinFest at City Lake Park to celebrate everything you love about the fall season. This free festival allows you to enter the costume contest, play carnival games and create crafts to your heart’s content. Make sure to stop by the food trucks before heading home to your Dallas apartments to taste amazing dishes made by locally-owned and operated restaurants.

Japanese Garden Fall Festival

The Japanese Garden Fall Festival hits the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on October 28. At this event, you will be able to explore Japanese culture by tasting iconic foods and attending a tea ceremony. While at this festival, make sure to attend the martial arts and sword demonstrations to see the top performers show off their skills.

Once you return home from these festivals, you will likely just want to kick back and relax. As you put up your feet, consider contacting our team at 3939 Rosemeade by calling (469) 573-1290 to learn about our available floor plans. We would love to help you find and acquire your ideal apartment home!

Dozens of Donuts in Dallas


National Cream-Filled Donut Day is coming up on September 14, and residents of apartments in Dallas are in a great spot to make the most of it. With a plethora of delectable donut hotspots close at hand, you’ll be able to celebrate National Cream-Filled Donut Day in style. Here are the top 5 local donut spots for 3939 Rosemeade residents!

From Your Dallas Apartments to the Best Donuts: The Donut Hot Spots

  1. Lisa’s Donuts: Lisa’s Donuts offers amazing croissants, eclairs and sandwiches as well as donuts. Locals describe Lisa’s Donuts as having some of the lightest and most flavorful donuts anywhere. Try their classic glazed, jelly-filled, and custard-filled donuts for a delicious treat.
  2. Lee’s Donuts: Lee’s Donuts is well known around Dallas for their donuts, donut holes, and kolaches. The kolaches—Czech pastries filled with fruit, cheese or sausage—are especially popular here, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.
  3. Jaram’s Donuts: Jaram’s Donuts is known for having donuts that are both beautiful and delicious. The delicately sculpted donuts and pastries feature toppings and fillings as diverse as fruit, cream and bacon. They also feature a popular donut/croissant hybrid that Dallas locals love.
  4. Momo’s Donuts: Momo’s Donuts is well-known for their extravagant donut toppings. At Momo’s, the inside and the top of the donuts are equally full of delectable ingredients like oreo cookies, strawberries and Thin Mint girl scout style cookies.
  5. Hypnotic Donuts: Hypnotic Donuts often makes the best donut lists for their yeast- and cake-style donuts. They also serve up super-tall breakfast biscuits. For a dense and delicious donut, this may be the perfect spot!

Need a New Place in Dallas?

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How to Celebrate National Dog Day

french bulldog faceAt 3939 Rosemeade Apartments in Dallas, we know how much you love your pets. On August 26, you can celebrate National Dog Day by pampering your pooch throughout the day. Whether it’s an extra-long visit to the local dog park, or a homemade dog treat for your favorite pet, you can find plenty of ways to treat your dog to an extra-special day this August 26.

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

Whip up a special treat for your pooch. To make a dog treat that your dog will love, try peanut butter dog treats. These are made by mixing 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of peanut butter and two eggs. Add water slowly until your mixture has the consistency of bread dough. Roll the mixture into small balls, and bake on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Your dog will enjoy these treats on their special day and beyond!

Have a ball at the dog park. While you may pamper your pet all the time, you can try one of the local area off-leash dog parks provided by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. These parks are filled with plenty of dog bowls and open space to run and play. Each dog park is safe for both dog owners and dogs to explore. There is shade for hot days, and numerous benches for you to sit and relax with your furry friend.

Spend a day pampering your pal. If you can’t be around on August 26, why not offer your pet a day at Urban Paws? Your dog will be treated like royalty, and have plenty of places to play, both indoors and out. Your dog will even have time to take naps throughout the day!

If you are looking for a new apartment in Dallas for you and your pet, it’s time to contact 3939 Rosemeade Apartments at (469) 573-1290 to see what “paw-some” floor plans are available today!

Avoiding Toiletry Disasters on Planes

inside airplaneIf you travel on planes very often, you may have experienced your own toiletry disaster. Cleansers, moisturizers and other liquids can leak, spill and even explode in your luggage. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent the worst disasters, so you do not wind up with ruined clothing when you arrive.

4 Toiletry Tips for Airline Travel

1. Squeeze out the air. The air inside your toiletry bottles can expand when you travel up in elevation, leading to popped tops and spills. Try to squeeze out all the excess air in each bottle and quickly screw the cap back on to minimize the air inside.

2. Top with plastic wrap. In addition to squeezing out the air, you can also place plastic wrap – the same you use in the kitchen – on the tops of the bottles before you screw the top back on. The plastic wrap adds another layer of protection against spillage.

3. Remember carry-on rules. With the majority of airlines now charging for checking bags, more and more people are carrying their luggage on the plane. To avoid any trouble at the security checkpoint—like having to throw away your expensive products—make sure you meet the requirements of carry-on toiletries.

No bottle can contain more than 3.4 ounces of product, and all products must fit within a clear, quart-sized plastic bag.

You can purchase clear bottles and bags designed for carry-on use, which makes it easier to measure your products and keep them all in one place.

4. Consider bagging each product individually. It may seem like overkill, but the surest way to protect your things from spillage is to bag each product individually in a plastic zipper bag. Steps 1 and 2 limit the risk of spills, but if they do happen, a bag will make clean up easy and protect everything else in your bag.

Enjoy Your Summer Travel And Your Time at Home

At 3939 Rosemeade, we want you to enjoy every part of your summer, especially when it comes to where you call home. Contact us to learn more about our available Dallas apartments!

Fourth of July Events in Dallas

fireworks and sparklerIf you’re a fan of spectacular fireworks, you’re living in the right place. Residents at our 3939 Rosemeade apartments in Dallas will have a lot of options to choose from on this coming Independence Day. Here are three big shows worth checking out this year. Make your plans early and pencils these in!

Old-Fashioned Family Fireworks Picnic

Take your own picnic dinner to this annual family-oriented event at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden, featuring fireworks and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, as part of their ever-popular Concerts in the Garden events. This one will happen three nights in a row: July 2, 3, and 4 beginning at 8:15 p.m. each evening.

Addison Kaboom Town

A staple July event in North Texas for over thirty years, the Addison Kaboom Town! fireworks show at Addison Circle Park can frequently be found on lists ranking the top 10 fireworks displays in the country. This year the event will take place on July 3. Admission is free, but due to limited space and the popularity of the show, it’s best to arrive early to get a good view.

Red, White & Boom on the Bridge

The city of Dallas and 98.7 K-LUV will bring fireworks to Downtown Dallas with their Red, White & Boom on the Bridge display, which will feature a display set against the Dallas skyline from the Ronald Kirk and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridges on July 3. There will be family-friendly food, music and entertainment at the event, which will run from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This event is free.

We hope all of our residents have a safe, happy and fun Fourth of July, whether they choose to attend a big event or have a simple evening at home. Not a resident yet? We might have an opening! Contact our office today to find out more information on the floor plans we have to offer.

How to Style Your Patio/Balcony for Summer

Potted PlantsHaving a patio or balcony provides you with a beautiful spot to start your morning with a cup of coffee, as well as a great place to unwind after a long day. If your patio or balcony could use a fun makeover this summer, keep these following style tips in mind!

Get Colorful

Your patio or balcony surfaces most likely don’t have much as far as color, but you can easily brighten things up by adding your own. Choose patio/balcony chairs that have colorful designs for summer, or consider refinishing and painting white or neutral chairs that you already have with a more vibrant hue. This dose of color will give your patio or balcony a fresh look that makes it an ideal spot to spend warm summer days.

Set Up a Garden

Maximize the space of your patio or balcony by sprucing it up with some greenery. Consider setting up your own herb garden, which you can do in creative ways. For example, you can arrange potted herbs on a hanging chalkboard. Having a garden gives you the perfect opportunity to add more green to your patio/balcony while also growing delicious fresh herbs for summer meals.

Decorate the Floor

You might not give much thought to the floor of your patio or balcony, but you can dress it up. Choose a mat or area rug with a vivid design to add more visual appeal to your patio/balcony.

Make a Serving Cart

If you’re handy at crafts, paint a cart in bright tones to turn it into the perfect summer serving cart. You can wheel it out for easy access to refreshments or use it to hold a book, your laptop or tablet while enjoying your new space!

Our apartments in Dallas, TX have patios or balconies that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the warm air. Contact us to learn more information about our community!