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Go Green and Practice These 5 Recycling Tips on Earth Day

Reusable Shopping BagEarth Day, which is on April 22, can be a great day to begin a more green lifestyle or to revisit your green habits to make sure you are doing as much as you can. As Earth Day approaches, here are 5 recycling tips to help you get motivated.

1. Understand Your Local Program

Every area has its own rules that apply to recycling collection. While it is probably safe to assume soda cans and newspapers will be accepted, you may want to double check on printed paper products like gift wrap and glossy magazines.

2. Keep Collection Sites Around the Home

Make it easy to recycle in your Dallas apartment by keeping a paper bag near the front door to collect junk mail, another under the bathroom sink to collect empty toilet rolls, and a separate container in the kitchen for keeping trash separated.

3. A Bag of Bags

Reusable shopping bags are the best way to reduce waste, but sometimes they are not available (or you forgot them at home!). Keep a bag full of plastic bags, including bags from other household items like bread, dry cleaning, newspaper wraps, paper towels and fruit, and when it is full, bring it to the local Kroger, Walmart, or Target. Each of these retailers near our Dallas apartments offers plastic bag drop-off locations.

4. Don’t Forget Electronics

Upgrading and acquiring new technology is exciting, but your old devices need to be useful, too. While electronics cannot be placed into recycling bins in Dallas, the city does provide four convenient drop-off locations for old computers, TVs and other electronics.

5. Buy Recycled Products

Recycling programs are only successful when there is a strong market for recycled products. Buying recycled products helps to keep your local recycling program going strong.

Remember, every little bit helps so don’t get discouraged if it seems overwhelming. Start small by committing to recycle all of your paper or soda cans, and build from there. To learn more about our available floor plans in Dallas, contact 3939 Rosemade Apartments today!

Enjoy These 3 Spring Cocktails

Martini and green oliveWinter is ending and spring is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time of year to gather your friends together for a casual cocktail party. Whip up (or better yet, order in) a few tasty appetizers and try these three cocktails.

A Classic Whiskey Sour

The weather is warming up, but evenings can still bring a little chill. A classic Whiskey Sour is ideal for enjoying next to an outdoor fire.

  • 2 oz whiskey
  • .75 oz fresh lemon juice
  • .75 oz simple syrup

Add ingredients to a shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice.

A Gibson

A distinguished drink which definitely shows you are a class act. It is a spirit-forward cocktail, therefore make sure your gin is top shelf.

  • 2.5 oz gin
  • .5 oz dry vermouth

Pour gin and dry vermouth into a mixing glass over ice. Stir gingerly and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a pickled pearl onion.

A French Martini

Light and refreshing, yet not overly sweet. This is a cocktail which shows the drinker’s sophistication, however, unique enough to be interesting.

  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • .5 oz Chambord
  • .75 oz pineapple juice

Fill a shaker halfway with ice. Add vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Finish with a twist of lemon.

Host a spring cocktail party at your new home. 3939 Rosemeade Apartments in North Dallas, Texas offers residents relaxed living and a convenient commute to downtown. This resort-quality community allows residents to socialize with friends at the clubhouse, stay fit in the fitness center or lounge by the large outdoor pool. Residents can choose from six different and spacious one-bedroom layouts. Each apartment features private outdoor living space, walk-in closets and extra storage. Select units offer upgraded finishes.

Call 469-573-1290 to talk with a sales representative and learn more about the wonderful life which is waiting for you at 3939 Rosemeade Apartments.

3 Romantic Recipes to Make for Valentine’s Day

PastaIf you have a special someone in your life, give them a special treat this Valentine’s Day by cooking a great meal for two. Whether your valentine loves hot, meat-filled meals, or they are a vegetarian, you are sure to find a recipe that will make your loved one smile. When you want to make your date feel special, here are some romantic meals that you can cook at home.

Engagement Chicken Pasta

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to pop the question, or you’ve been married for years, engagement chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce is just the answer this Valentine’s Day. You’ll need two chicken breasts, six ounces of pasta, cream cheese, thyme, olive oil salt and pepper. The full recipe for making this great dish can be found here.

Pumpkin Cannelloni with Sage Brown-Butter Sauce

If your loved one is a vegetarian, try the pumpkin cannelloni with sage brown-butter sauce. For this recipe, you’ll need some garlic cloves, ricotta cheese, oven-ready lasagna noodles, pumpkin, olive oil and unsalted butter. Rich in flavor, these cannelloni are perfect for a romantic night in. You can find the full cannelloni recipe here.

Roasted Vegetable Mac ‘n’ Cheese

For a romantic dish with a comfort food flair, try some roasted vegetable mac ‘n’ cheese. This is an easy meal to make, and the full recipe is here. Enjoy some warm pasta with a bunch of fresh vegetables mixed in. You and your loved one are sure to feel warm and happy after this meal together.

If you’re looking for a new Dallas apartment, look no further than 3939 Rosemeade! Our spacious and inviting apartment homes come with an array of community amenities. Give our office a call today at 469-573-1290 to see what floor plans are available and you’ll be in your new home in no time.

How to Throw a Memorable SAG Awards Party at Your Dallas Apartments

ChampagneWith the Screen Actors Guild awards coming up on Sunday, January 29th, you must start your preparations to throw the fiercest party at your apartments in Dallas. By taking the right approach, you can ensure your guests will be talking about your awards party for years to come. Here are three areas to pay close attention to while making your party preparations.

Tell Everyone to Dress to Impress

Create a theme for your party and let your guests know about it when you send your online or print invitations. Your guests can use the theme to select the perfect outfits for the affair. Your theme may encourage guests to wear outfits from a specific era or fiction world to keep your party atmosphere cohesive and fun.

Decorate Your Apartments in Dallas

Your Dallas apartments need the right combination of decorations to reflect your dedication to your awards party. Integrate the theme into your decorations to ensure your guests’ attire match their surroundings throughout the party. Utilize soft lighting, including LED candles and salt lamps, to create the perfect setting for watching the awards play out on the big screen.

Serve Amazing Food and Drinks

Your meal and drink spread should support your party theme and tie in with the planned events enjoyed at the awards ceremony. Find out about the nominees and integrate pun-filled appetizers and desserts into your menu. Place a red carpet inspired tablecloth beneath the food platters to give your event an elegant appeal.

As you throw your awards party, you will likely receive a ton of compliments about your apartment layout and amenities. You can direct your guests to inquire about available homes at 3939 Rosemeade Apartments by calling 469-573-1290. With just a simple call, you will receive information about available apartments and even have a chance to schedule a showing.

4 New Year’s Eve Party Games to Play

Champagne As 2016 winds down, it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Eve celebration. Parties held in Dallas apartments will be much more fun when you have some great games to break the ice and bring your guests closer together. The following games are sure to make your party a big hit.

1. Truth or Fiction?

Write celebrants’ names and a few comments about them that can be true or false. Give a copy of this list to guests and have them write “Truth” or “Fiction” next to each statement. Read the results aloud so you can see what people actually believe about one other!

2. Human Bingo

A great way to encourage partygoers to mingle with and get to know one another is to set up a game of Human Bingo. Instead of numbers, you’ll write down details about each person such as, spent a year abroad for high school, is an expert pastry chef or has a twin brother. As they discover the individuals fitting the characteristics, they have them sign the box on the card until a winner gets Bingo.

3. Pass the Hat

As people form a community while living in apartments in Dallas, they soon realize how much fun they can have getting together with neighbors. Have each person sit in a circle and give one a New Year’s hat. The object is to pass the hat from one head to the next with no hands allowed. The last person to drop the hat wins.

4. Champagne Race

Hand a champagne glass, teaspoon and bowl of champagne to each person as they sit at a table. The first person to fill up the glass by dipping into the bowl is the winner!

If you’re looking to start the New Year off in a new apartment, please call our office today to learn which floor plans for apartments at 3939 Rosemeade are still available.

Three Things You Should Know About the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas is home to several well-loved sports teams like the Dallas Mavericks, who were the 2011 NBA Champions. The proposition of several sports entertainment options makes life in Dallas apartments very appealing. If you plan to move to the area and want to fit in with the water cooler sports conversations, here are a few facts about the Mavs you should remember.

The Mavs’ Loyal Fanbase

3939 Rosemeade Apartments are located in North Dallas, just a 20-minute drive from the American Airlines Center, the home of the Dallas Mavericks. During the 1980s, the Team established themselves as Dallas’ most popular professional sports franchise. The Dallas Cowboys had seen better days during the early 1980s, and the Mavs took advantage by building up a loyal fan base. The Mavs sold out 620 games between 2001 and 2015, the longest sellout streak in the NBA.

Team Legend: Dirk Nowitzki

The Mavs success is due, in large part, to their superstar center, the seven-foot tall German national, Dirk Nowitzki. He is one of the League’s most successful players. He’s a 13-time NBA All-Star Team member and was part of the 2011 championship team. Nowitzki has been lucky; he’s rarely had to miss long stretches of play due to injury. Nowitzki trains to prevent injury by doing yoga and utilizing the latest technology. At 3939 Rosemeade, you can stay fit like Dirk using the on-site fitness center with a wide array of machines or get a low-impact workout in the pool.

Team Owner: Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is not your average pro-sports-team owner, having started as one of the league’s youngest owners. He made billions after selling his Internet start-up to Yahoo in 1999. The next year, at age 41, he purchased the Mavs. An Internet pioneer like Cuban would love that at 3939 Rosemeade, you have the option of making online payments.

3939 Rosemeade is an apartment community in Dallas, conveniently located near the downtown Dallas nightlife. Check out our available floor plans then call us to reserve your space.

Don’t Miss This Awesome Culinary Event in Dallas: Park & Palate!

One of the perks of living in the Dallas area is getting to enjoy the variety of culinary delights the city has to offer. If you’ve only been to a few restaurants in the city so far, you’re in luck. At the upcoming Park & Palate event, you’ll have a chance to taste foods prepared by several of the region’s well-known chefs while taking in spectacular views of the city skyline.

What is Park & Palate?

This fundraising event helps raise money to support Klyde Warren Park and the programs it offers all year round. The event features delicious food made by a number of renowned chefs and wine from a variety of wineries around the world. Chefs from every major city in Texas are scheduled to come to Park & Palate to showcase the state’s cuisine. The event also has a wide selection of beer made from different breweries. Guests can enjoy spirits and cocktails as well, while listening to live country music or chatting with food and wine experts. Park & Palate has been a big success for the park and draws thousands of guests each year.

Event Details

Park & Palate takes place on October 21 and 22 at Klyde Warren Park. October 21 features a special fundraising event called Down to the Roots, while the Grand Taste event takes place on October 22. Grand Taste includes an evening concert, wine tastings and a culinary competition. You can purchase tickets for this event ahead of time online or buy them the day of the event at the park’s registration desk. Keep in mind that there are a few different parking options, including metered parking, garage parking and valet parking. You can also reach the park easily by taking DART and the McKinney Avenue Trolley.

Park & Palate is just over 20 minutes away from our North Dallas community. Give us a call for information on our available apartments in Dallas, Texas.

3 Tips for Decorating Your Breakfast Bar

There’s nothing quite like rolling out of bed and strolling over to your breakfast bar for a bagel and a cup of coffee. A quick meal at your breakfast bar can get you in the perfect mindset for a satisfying and productive day. Personal style is just as important at your breakfast bar as it is in other areas of your Dallas apartment, so choose your decor accordingly.

3 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Breakfast Bar

  • Add a pop of color. Whether you use colorful placemats or keep a bouquet of flowers in a vase, you’ll love waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee at a bright and cheery breakfast bar. For an especially eye-catching burst of color, choose bar stools in stand-out shades such as yellow, pink or lime green.
  • Personalize the bar with photo displays. A simple photo of your family members can turn even the most dreary atmosphere into a true pleasure to behold. Your breakfast bar will be anything but dreary, but you can make it even more attractive by carefully choosing matching picture frames and using them to display your favorite photographs.
  • Choose creative bar stools. The chairs and stools you sit on at breakfast can say a lot about your personality. If you’re a creative soul with a funky streak, you’ll want to keep an eye out for stools with uniquely shaped backs or spiral legs. If you’re looking to establish more of a rustic feel in your home, you may prefer wooden saddle seats. There’s a bar stool available for every personality, so choose carefully to ensure that your seating reflects your quirky side.

At 3939 Rosemeade, we believe it is important to turn your house into a home. We encourage you to decorate every nook and cranny in your apartment in a way that reflects your personality. To learn more about our spacious and beautiful floor plans, get in touch today.

5 Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Apartment

If you are like most people, you never have enough time. So when it’s time for you to clean your apartment, you delay doing it because there isn’t time in your schedule to get it done. Well, today is your lucky day. These five quick tips will help you clean your apartment daily while you are getting dressed for work in apartments in Dallas.

Tip #1. Wipe Down Your Bathroom Counters as You Are Getting Dressed

Multi-tasking is the best way to make time to clean apartments in Dallas. After you get out of the shower and you are brushing your teeth, spray the shower and your bathroom countertops so that you can easily wipe them down once you’ve finished brushing your teeth.

Tip #2. Pick Up Your Clothes Off Your Bedroom Floor

When you are getting dressed or undressing, it’s easy to forget to pick up your clothes from the floor. However, random clothing on the floor makes your apartment look messy. To clean the mess, walk throughout your bedroom and pick up your clothing as you are getting dressed.

Tip #3. Clean Your Kitchen Countertops While Waiting for Your Coffee

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can also be one of the messiest if you are not careful. Crumbs from your toast and droppings of eggs can make your countertops look unkempt. Fortunately, you can easily wipe down your counters while you wait for your morning commute’s coffee to brew.

Tip #4. Organize Your Mail as You Get It

One commonly overlooked aspect that makes your Dallas, Texas apartment look messy is unsorted mail. With the demands of a busy life, sorting mail is the last thing you want to do, especially after the pile reaches a certain height. To avoid this conundrum, sort your mail as you get it. Promotional items you don’t need can be recycled immediately.

Tip #5. Fluff Your Pillows

Assuming that you’ve already made your bed, it’s time to fluff your pillows. When you have neatly placed pillows on both your bed and sofa, it makes everything seem put together. Fortunately, the process of tidying up your sofa and bed only takes a few seconds, but the look is transformative.

Even though you live a busy life, you can find time to clean your apartment. The secret to doing so is multi-tasking instead of dedicating a full day or even a full hour to clean your apartment. If you want more information about maintaining your apartment, don’t hesitate to stop by the office here in Dallas, Texas for more cleaning tips.

Why You Should Try Water Volleyball

Of all the North Dallas apartments available in the area, can you think of any that lead with water volleyball? 3939 Rosemade apartments certainly do, and with good reason. Water volleyball is an incredible sport! Here is why you should try it.

Cardiovascular Activity

Water volleyball is one of the quickest ways to get your heart rate going if you are looking for some good cardiovascular activity. You will also gain the advantage of getting your heart rate up without having to sweat, because you are in the water for the entire exercise!

Saving Your Joints

Doctors around the world have agreed that strenuous activity in water is much easier on the joints than exercises that include activities like running or walking on a treadmill. If you have bad knees or conditions like scoliosis, water volleyball is the perfect exercise for you. You will be able to get the same workout without putting stress on your joints that may undermine the entire point of participating in physical activity.

A New Way to Exercise

The body naturally becomes used to familiar ways of moving. If you are doing the same exercise over and over again, your body will respond less and less to it. In order to keep up a program of physical improvement, you must participate in different sorts of physical activities. Water volleyball is a physical activity that many people have not participated in to a large degree. Even if you have, the unpredictable nature of the game and the quick movements that you need to make in order to perform well ensure a different experience for your body every time you hit the court. If you are looking for a workout program that will always improve your physical well-being, add water volleyball to your repertoire and watch the results!

If you’re looking for a place to call home that has all the amenities you’ll need to stay in tip-top shape, give 3939 Rosemeade apartments a call! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.