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How to Mix and Match Different Wood Patterns

Looking for a challenge? Furnishing your Dallas apartment definitely qualifies. The metroplex is full of cutting-edge style, and mixing pieces to achieve the perfect look and feel for you isn’t easy. Part of the challenge involves combining different wood pieces with varying patterns. You won’t find identically-matching wood grains, but you can find pieces that complement each other almost seamlessly.

Look for Similarities

Every single tree has its own wood grain pattern. Some twist as the tree grows, resulting in a spiral that looks like wavy lines when cut. Others have grain that grow diagonally toward or away from each other. Some have a basically straight grain that runs vertically upwards. When choosing pieces for your space, you’ll want to choose options with similar patterns. Looking for a dining room table as well as a sideboard? Ideally, the surface of both will have similar grains. Lines will run generally the same direction and be spaced similarly.

Choose Stains Wisely

If matching grain patterns sounds like far too much work for your taste, go with a wood that has a less defined grain as a starting point. Lighter stains tend to highlight the contrast of different grain patterns more, so try a deeper stain and finish to downplay differences. Cherry, deep mahogany and espresso finishes beautifully camouflage mis-matched wood patterns.

Be Smart About Wood Type

The type of wood you choose also makes a huge difference in the way patterns appear. Cherry, mahogany and ash wood tend to have less defined grain patterns. The surface of furniture made from these woods appears more like a solid color. Oak, cedar and walnut usually have more high-contrast, easily noticeable striations, so that should factor in to your choice.

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How to Host a Spring Pool Party

Thanks to the warm Texas climate, residents of Dallas apartments get to enjoy an early spring every year. One of the best parts about this is pool days! If you’re ready to gather round the community pool at 3939 Rosemeade Apartments with your family and friends, follow these tips to help you host the perfect spring pool party.

Send Out Invites

You can always invite people to your event via social media, but a more personal way to spread the word is to mail out physical invitations with all the important details. This adds a more personalized touch to the party and makes your guests even more excited to attend! Make sure they know that 3939 Rosemeade Apartments in Dallas is the place to be on the day of your pool party!

Set the Scene

Make the poolside look like a place to party! Lay out tablecloths and beach-themed centerpieces, and throw a few beach balls, swim floats and pool noodles into the water to invite guests to dive in as they arrive.

Serve Snacks and Drinks

You don’t need to plan a gourmet meal, but make sure you at least serve a few snacks and drinks. Chips and dip, chicken fingers, pigs in a blanket, pasta salad and ice cream sandwiches provide a good mix of salty and sweet snacks. Lemonade, soda, beer, sangria and good old water make the perfect poolside drinks.

Make Sure the Kids are Entertained

If teens and kids will be attending the pool party at your apartment in Dallas, make sure they’re not bored. One way to keep them entertained is with pool games like Marco Polo, underwater tug-o-war, relays and races. Make sure you also have kid-friendly snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available. Then, remember to never leave kids unattended by the pool for safety reasons.

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5 Hotspots for Brunch in North Dallas

Living at 3939 Rosemeade Apartments in North Dallas comes with an abundance of perks. In addition to various floorplans and amenities, residents are close to some of the best brunch spots. Here’s 5 must-visit brunch places in North Dallas.

Atmosphere and Great Fare

Bread Winners is the ideal combination of a causal friendly atmosphere and upscale dining for brunch. It serves up a tempting choice of freshly baked breads, pastries and sandwiches. Dine in the intimate dining room or outdoors in the brick layered courtyard. It’s garden dining at its best. The Ozona Grill & Bar serves up a home town feel and the hospitality of a Texas town. Dine inside or take it outside at the scenic patio bar with live music. This restaurant serves up a nice array of Texan food and is best known for its delicious chicken fried steaks. Plus, there a tantalizing choice of libations.

Three More Great Bunch Places

Indulge in some Mexican fare at the Blue Mesa Grill for brunch. It’s an authentic regional restaurant cooking up bold and colorful flavors of the Southwest fused with Texas cuisine. The Grape Restaurant in North Dallas is inspired by the bistros in New York and Europe. There’s a blackboard menu with culinary delights along with wines by the glass. It’s the place for quality food and affordable prices. Step into the authentic Parisian bistro and sidewalk café of Bonnie Ruth’s. Enjoy dishes like duck leg confit, steak frites and Moules Marniere. Sunday brunch is at its best at Bonnie Ruth’s. Munch on the blueberry crepes under the rotunada, chow down eggs benedict on the patio or eat an omelet with a mimosa.

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Best Community Parks in North Dallas

The Colony Five Star Complex
This park has more than 80 acres of play areas. It also has several sports fields on the property including two football fields, six baseball fields, one softball field, and six soccer fields. There are two playgrounds and three public areas with pavilions for gathering in groups.

River Legacy Parks & Living Science Center

River Legacy has more than 1,300 acres of land for people to walk, bike, hike, play, and traverse. There are eight miles of paved trails and play areas for children. There are picnic zones for people who want to enjoy a nice meal. The park also has educational programs that they hold in the Legacy Living Science Center.

Kids Colony

This park is dedicated to the entertainment of children. It has a large play area and plenty of space for parents to relax while watching the kids play.

Addison Circle Park

This outdoor recreational area has more than 370,000 square feet of play area for children and adults. There are three areas for art and music performances. There is also a water garden at Addison Circle Park.

Unity Park / Kids Kastle

This park has four lit ball fields, five soccer fields that are lit, and tennis courts to use. There are two concession stands and the Kids Kastle, which is a large wooden play zone.

Other top parks in North Dallas

  • Dragon Park
  • Celebration Park
  • Robert E. Lee Park

McCormick Park & Preserve

This park has 12 miles of space. Half of a mile of the park is for walking and hiking. There is a nature preserve at the park with ponds and bird watching areas.

Boys Ranch Park & Activity Center

This recreational area has more than 68 acres of area. There is a small city pond to enjoy. There is a spray fountain where families can play on hot days. Splash is on the premises. It is a luxury aquatic center. There are also several ball fields, a game room, barbecue areas, picnic tables, swings, shuffleboard, and much more. There is a zone for handicapped children to play on the modified equipment.



5 Tips to Organizing Your Walk-In Closet

Organization does not come easily to all of us. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean up and organize, whereas only seconds to turn it into clutter. It takes discipline and method to keep things in place so they are easy to locate and replace once the job is done. This rule is universal and applies to all the closets in the world. Most of them are in dire need of some cleaning-up. So here are a few tips that will help you organize the walk-in closet in your apartment.

Keep vs. Toss

In order to find out what you really want in your closet, you need to empty it out. Only when you have the entire contents in front of you, will you be able to decide on what to keep and what to discard. This will also give you a chance to vacuum and clean out your closet space.

Sort and Group

Sort each item into the following categories:

  • Daily wear
  • Special occasions
  • Donate
  • Throw away

This automatically will clean more than half the clutter. You will also know where to look for a certain clothing article when you have a particular event in mind.

Play Dress-Up

You might be tempted to keep a lot of items, but to ensure you are keeping the right things, double-check by trying on the items once. If they fit, maybe there is a good reason to keep them; if they no longer fit then it is better to give them away.

Baskets and Boxes

Section your closet using baskets and boxes to keep them more organized. It makes more room in your closet, makes it easier to sort and clean, and looks much more orderly. Also, consider a sectional organizer to hang from the door where you can store accessories like belts, ties, ribbons, and shoes.

Seasonal Storing

Use the baskets and boxes to store clothing items that are not currently in season. If it’s Winter time, odds are you won’t be needing your bikinis or shorts. Only keep the clothing items readily available that you will be needing during that weather pattern.

green apples in a centerpiece

Five Unique Kitchen Table Centerpiece Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect centerpiece for your table? If you are, then remember that a lot depends on it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to note that the beauty or the lack of it in your kitchen has a lot to do with the table centerpiece. Here are 5 unique kitchen centerpiece ideas:

  • A Group of Vases: Remember the power of numbers sometimes work. So, go for a collection of vases with different shapes albeit with the same color. This would impart a sense of dynamism and vitality to your kitchen table.
  • Glassware: You really don’t have to worry too much when the glasses are so beautiful. You could consider glasses in the shades of blue and green as the centerpiece in your kitchen table. Not only does it impart beauty to the table, but there are a variety of ways to arrange and fill the glassware. For example, try filling them with old wine corks, colorful pebbles, or dried wildflowers.
  • Candles: If candles dripping is a problem for you, then you could go for tea light candles in holders that are translucent. This resultant look gives off a retro age and is rather attractive. The candles are generally used for special occasions and party festivities.
  • Flowers: There can be very few things better than a collection of flowers as the table centerpiece. Although tried and tested, flowers bring the kitchen closer to nature and impart a strange sense of serenity to the entire setting. The flowers should essentially be of the same color and shape.
  • Fruits: Try arranging a bowl of colorful fruits and vegetables as the centerpiece in your kitchen table. You would be surprised to see the resultant change. This idea is probably the simplest, but it is also diverse. Combine a bowl of red fruits and veggies like apples, nectarines, and peppers. Similarly, combine some green produce like grapes, zucchini, and pineapple. Play with some of your favorites while keeping the vibe tropical and natural.

Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Dallas

Overnight oats with apples and cranberries in a mason jar

The holiday season has arrived once again and the opportunities to celebrate are all around. Although sometimes the holidays can be hectic and busy, it is important for us to give ourselves time to celebrate and enjoy all that this season has to offer.

December in Dallas is one of the most exciting times of the year. There are so many diverse ways to celebrate whether you’re looking for excitement, entertainment, or family fun.

  • Fair Park Holiday Tree Lighting Festival- Kicking off the holidays on December 3rd, the annual Tree Lighting is taking place at Fair Park. This is an opportunity to get pictures with Santa, take hayrides, make crafts, and watch live singing performances.
  • Reliant Lights Your Holidays- Catch a holiday light show featuring thousands of LED lights, holiday performances, and a fireworks show. Taking place December 5th @ AT&T PAC Campus, grab your family and friends and get into the holiday spirit.
  • Little Downtown Holiday Market- This is a shopping experience and a holiday event all wrapped up into one. You can purchase unique gifts and wander through the festivities on December 18th, 2015 from 5-10.
  • A Christmas Carol- A tradition for some, a favorite for others, catch the live performance of A Christmas Carol @ Wyly Theater every Sunday starting on November 27th, 2015 and lasting until December 26th, 2015.
  • Sixth Annual Home Alone Party- Quickly becoming a favorite holiday tradition, The Crown & Harp is hosting its live viewing of Home Alone at 8:00 PM on December 20th. Watch a 90s Christmas classic alongside whisky and live music. Proceeds will be collected and donated to Genesis Women’s Shelter.
  • The Trains at Northpark- A great exhibit to visit with kids, The Trains at Northpark features more than 4,000 square feet of toy train setups. Taking place November 21st, 2015 through January 3rd, 2016 @ Northpark Center, grab the family and check it out!


Your Complete Commuting Survival Guide

You’re committed to a responsibility that’s further from home; you’ve made the trip; you know what’s next. The commute. Sometimes, a lengthy commute is just another part of the day.

Commuting to work or school doesn’t have to be so dreadful. If it’s something that you’ve agreed to, look for different ways to occupy your mind and pass time so that it’s not a daily stressor.

  1. Playlists- Music is an effective strategy in lifting your spirits and passing the time, especially when it’s music of your choice. Download an app that allows you to create your own playlists and radio stations such as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud. Set aside a gap of time to make playlists and stations that are your favorite, and let them play through your speakers as you make the drive.
  1. Audio Books- What better way to occupy your mind than to listen to an audio book on a long drive? Even better, find a book series that you never get tired of (Harry Potter, anyone?). These will keep you interested and informed as you make your trip.
  1. Podcast- Another great option to bring to your speakers is finding a podcast of your choice. There are countless topics covered in podcasts that are informative, educational, and inspiring. They’re a great way to learn about world issues, get life advice, and discover news.
  1. Weigh Costs- Commuting takes up a lot of your gas, money and time. If you’re in a city that offers several options as far as public transportation goes, it’s worth looking into these options to see if they can help you save money and time. Sometimes, the travel will be faster and the cost will be less. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip.
  1. Recruit a Carpool Buddy- You’re probably not the only person commuting from your area, especially if you’re working for a bigger company. Ask around or send out an email asking if anyone is commuting from or near your neighborhood. You may find someone to split the cost of the drive as well as keep you company as you travel to and from your commitment.

Why Fall Is The Best Season For Grilling Out

If you live in Dallas, you know for a fact that Fall is one of the best seasons here. For starters, the mornings are much cooler, while the evenings are pleasant. Also, watching the colors change around you can be really aesthetically pleasing.

However, Fall is great for other reasons as well. For instance, did you know that grilling can be a much more enjoyable experience during Fall?

Here’s how.

No more bugs to bug you

One of the biggest problems with grilling in the summers is that the warm weather can be attractive to bugs. These bugs can turn out to be an annoyance and a major source of frustration. Focusing on swatting bugs instead of grilling can spell disaster. Above all, you don’t’ want them to end up on your food.

Luckily, you don’t have that problem during the Fall. The cool weather seems to act as a deterrent against bugs of all kinds. While they can survive in warmer temperatures, once things cool down the bugs go back into hiding.


The whole process of cooking food on a hot grill in the cooler season can be a pleasurable experience. Good barbecue in colder weather is what dreams are made of. Who wouldn’t want that? Plus, if you have family and friends over, it can turn out to be a really memorable event.

Harvest season

Autumn is the season of the harvest, which can mean only one thing: the best vegetables and the best kinds of meat. Everything you need to drive your taste buds is available in Autumn. You can get your hands on anything from Fall cabbage and brussels sprouts, to the finest pears and most delicious acorn squash.

Grilling out is a great reason to have friends and family over to catch up. It’s a way to socialize with your neighbors, feed entire parties, and hold Fall holiday get-togethers. Once the heat fizzles out for the year, it’s time to warm up the grill.